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Failure to Maintain Lane Control

Failure to maintain single lane (FTMSL) or failure to maintain lane control is a traffic violation that many unknowingly commit. A law enforcement officer may pull over a motorist if their vehicle's tires cross the edge line of a lane or cross a lane divider. This is extremely easy to do on any road, not to mention one that is not well lit or a road with faded paint. Consequently, failure to maintain lane control has become a commonly ticketed traffic offense.

Whether you crossed the line of a single lane division by mistake or to quickly bypass a vehicle moving slower than the speed limit, a police officer can (and probably will) pull you over and sentence you with a traffic offense ticket. In such cases, there is no allowance for explanation and you are left with a ticket you may feel you don't deserve.

A Carteret County Traffic Attorney May be the Answer

If you disagree with your failure to maintain lane charge then don't bite your tongue and simply pay off the ticket. You can fight for yourself, and we can help! A Carteret County traffic defense lawyer at Cummings & Kennedy Law Firm has the skill needed to defend cases involving traffic violations. If you have been found following too close, running a red light, driving carelessly or something else then our firm can help.

In North Carolina, paying your ticket fine for failing to maintain lane is equivalent to pleading guilty to the offense. As such, you are accepting any consequences that would normally accompany the lane violation, including possible points on your driving record or increased insurance rates. Why do this before defending yourself and the situation that led to your traffic violation charge? Or firm supports drivers as they stand up for their rights and we help them protect their driving privileges. We can spot weak cases that may be dismissed or might be easily pled down to a points-free offense. We want the same thing you want: a better outcome for your current traffic offense charge.

Let us help you in court. Contact a Carteret County traffic attorney to begin planning your trial defense.

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